Olivier BRIAND & Laura SALAÜN


Producers of organic mare's milk in South Finistère. They breed about thirty Breton draught horses, an endangered breed and a real living heritage of our beautiful region, on about forty hectares of land, which is farmed organically.

During the summer season, they collect some of the milk the mare produces each day for her foal, with the latter benefiting from a large majority.

Each time it is harvested, the mare's milk, which is very fragile, is immediately packaged and brought down to a very low temperature to ensure that its qualities are optimally preserved.

A double commitment:

  1. (Re)introduce mare's milk, whose synergy of components gives it nutritional and cosmetic properties.

2. to participate in the preservation and promotion of the Breton draught horse.

Selected for decades for its gentle and willing character, the Breton Draught Horse is a "quiet force". He knows how to be versatile for a variety of activities such as leisure, driving, skidding, market gardening, vineyard work, etc...

Once harvested, the mare's milk is sent to the factory to be frozen, freeze-dried and packaged.


It is also in their laboratory that the Mare's Milk Soaps and Shampoos are made by hand.

"Mare's milk regenerates my body and gives wings to my spirit. "


With these few words, the Russian writer Léon TOLSTOI celebrates mare's milk and its very special qualities, already recognised by various civilisations.

From the great intellectuals of Ancient Greece (Herodotus, Homer, Aristotle...) to the vigorous Huns of Attila and the Mongols of Genghis Khan who drew strength and longevity from it, mare's milk is highlighted in numerous accounts, even though they are separated by thousands of years and thousands of kilometres.

Some women are also said to have kept their skin soft with mare's milk, the most famous being Cleopatra and Poppea (Nero's wife), both known for their incredible beauty.

In France, traditionally and until the middle of the 20th century, mare's milk was sometimes substituted for mother's milk in the countryside but also in certain hospitals and orphanages.

Its cosmetic benefits

Prevention of Skin Aging

The soluble proteins contained in mare's milk act as tensors and moisturisers. They are essential in the fight against wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity. In particular, lactoferrin stimulates the skin's metabolism and helps to combat the signs of ageing. In addition, it has an antioxidant power that traps the free radicals responsible for the oxidative stress of the skin cells. These proteins also have a buffering capacity that helps maintain the pH level of the epidermis. Finally, its polyunsaturated fatty acid content completes the action against wrinkles while nourishing the skin.

Acne Skin Care

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action of lactoferrin contributes to the regulation of the bacteria present on the surface of the skin and to the reduction of seborrhoea, which is responsible for imperfections. Mare's milk is also known to have healing properties which help to improve the general condition of acne-prone skin.


Soothing of Atopic Skin

Mare's milk is often used as a cure for severe forms of psoriasis and eczema. But its soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory actions are also effective when used externally. It relieves itching and even completely cleanses skin lesions.


The components of mare's milk

Lactoferrin plays a role in preventing skin ageing and protecting against the sun.

Lactoperoxidase, with its antibacterial power, acts on oily skin with a tendency to acne.

Phospholipids are involved in the reconstitution of the intercellular cement.

Whey is recommended as a hydrating agent.

Unsaturated fatty acids are involved in the formation and maintenance of cell membranes

"Mare's milk is also recommended for chronic skin conditions such as acne, eczema, skin allergies, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, etc. It reduces itching and inflammation. It therefore has healing and protective effects on the skin.

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