Roscoff onion confit-100g


The town of Roscoff is famous for its emblematic vegetable, the PDO onion, and the Finisterian coast is full of the famous mineral bombs that are seaweed, including the royal kombu.

Bord à Bord has combined them and added a few pink berries and a hint of cinnamon to make this delicious and iodine-flavoured confit.

Reference : CONFIT_ONION_100G

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Roscoff PDO 55 % onion, cane sugar, royal kombu ( saccharina latissima ) from Brittany 10.6 %, balsamic vinegar from Modena PGI, sunflower oil, beetroot powder, pink berries 0.6 %, cinnamon.
Possible traces of: shellfish, fish, molluscs, soya.