Seaweed Confit with Yuzu


Kombu Seaweed Tsukudani with Yuzu Kosho is a flavour enhancer with a sweet Japanese aroma.

It is the power of the royal kombu combined with the freshness of the citrus fruit Yuzu and the spiciness of 2 peppers, one green and one red.
This Tsukudani is a product rich in Umami, the fifth well-known flavour of Asian cuisine, which makes it both addictive and delicious!


Adds depth to a broth or soup, and enhances a fried or poached egg. An ideal base for marinades, it is also a perfect accompaniment to fresh cheese.


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Royal kombu (Saccharina latissima)* 42%, origin Brittany, white sugar*, soy sauce*, (water, soybeans*, sea salt, alcohol*, A.orizae), water, cider vinegar*, red yuzu kosho 1.8 % (yellow yuzu, sea salt, red pepper), green yuzu kosho 1.6 % (green yuzu, sea salt, green pepper).